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Lee Ann Shepard

Lee Ann Shepard

Lindsay, ON


I have always found pleasure in drawing and painting since I was a very young child. I trained at art school in Cleveland, and thought I would someday work as a commercial artist. But as often happens, my life evolved quite differently than expected and my art became more of a hobby over the years. I married, moved up North to snow country and spent my time working along side of my wonderful husband in our small furniture design business in a little Ontario cottage town north of Toronto, raising our 3 kids and enjoying a simple, happy lifestyle. Life was idyllic.

In the summer of 2006 our world was turned upside down when my husband went to the Emergency room with a blinding headache. He was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumour .I could no longer run our business alone and I had to find a new way to make a living so that I could stay at home, take care of my husband and support our family. I had been drawing and painting animals for my own enjoyment for years, so I thought Id try to sell some of my dog paintings online. My paintings immediately started selling and I began to gain a following which afforded me the opportunity to spend every wonderful moment with my husband as he bravely fought this devastating disease. We were so blessed as we had another four and a half years together. But on September 26, 2010, my beautiful husband, Gary, lost his battle.

During his illness, I was very driven to paint, so that I could put food on the table and keep us in our home. My husband was always my inspiration as well as my most positive encourager. At first, I painted to pay the bills, but it became my passion very quickly. This is the legacy he left me. He was very proud of me, and though my art career was forged from tragedy, it is certainly the silver lining that he left me with.

I love to paint animals, plants and people but my passion is painting dogs! Every painting I paint, I try my best to capture the spirit of these wonderful companions. I've learned so much about the breeds over the years and I learn a little more with each new painting. There is nothing I enjoy more than a fire in the fireplace, a paintbrush in hand , and my Golden retriever at (or on) my feet. No matter what challenge you have to face in life, its always easier if your dog is by your side!


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